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Make A Decision Which Water Heater Is Best for You

In order to be able to make a decision about which water heater to buy, you must first know the principle of operation of these water heaters. Then you can decide whether you want condensing or non condensing tankless water heaters.

These are gas water heaters and the water heaters without condensation works according to the following principle. In order to heat the water, natural gas is used, which burns and generates enough thermal energy. All exhaust gases are removed from the outside and nothing remains inside the water heater.

Condensing water heaters also use natural gas to heat water. However, with these boilers, the exhaust gases are not expelled outside, they are used through condensation technology to be absorbed in order to use their thermal energy for heating water.

Condensing Or Non Condensing Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless condensing water heaters use a primary heat exchanger to heat the water. In order to use the energy of the exhaust gases, a secondary heat exchanger is used. Water is always heated first by the primary and then by the secondary heat exchanger.

Since these water heaters are energy efficient because they use every type of energy to heat water, they are increasingly being used, because they can make significant savings in both energy and money. When you buy them, the price is higher compared to non-condensing water heaters, but you will make up for this price difference very quickly with all the savings this water heater provides.

If you want to have the most energy-efficient type of water heater, take a look at the blog about condensing or non-condensing tankless water heaters and figure out for yourself which water heater is best for you.


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