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Extend The Life Of Your Boiler And Save Money

Anything to last longer needs to be serviced. If you have a gas boiler, the best servicing services can be provided by gas boiler servicing Dublin.

Boiler service should be done once a year. We can provide you with servicing services for any gas water heater. When servicing the water heater, we will carry out the following inspections.

First, we check whether the existing ventilation is adequate, then we check whether there are visual damages on the water heater. It is very important to check that the exhaust gases are coming out where they are supposed to.

Gas Boiler Servicing Dublin

Your water heater must always be far enough away from flammable substances, so that is also part of our servicing, and that includes checking all the probes. The heat exchanger is a very expensive part, and by regularly checking it, we can remove minor faults so that major faults do not occur.

The operation of the main burner is very important, so during servicing we must check it and if it is not right, we will adjust it. We also check the operation of the flame sensitivity control, as well as the effectiveness of smoke removal.

The pressure in the system must be controlled, as well as the expansion vessel, and if necessary, we will fill it.

As you can see, we provide a comprehensive gas boiler servicing service. We are fully insured for the performance of all services. After our service, you will know that you and your family are safe and you don’t have to worry about your gas water heater breaking down.

If you want a complete gas boiler servicing service, one click on gas boiler servicing Dublin is enough. We will check your boiler and its operation will be safe and reliable. We will do all the checks and repairs so that there are no major breakdowns.


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