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Looking down the Roncal Valley in Spain


The roads in our area have been approved by the French Cycling Federation with signs showing the incline of the next stage and the distance to the Col, many of these routes have been used by the Tour de France and we have only missed out twice on the TDF in the eleven years we have been here.

2015 stage 10 the Tour passed through our village of Aramits with mountain top finish at La Pierre St Martin where Chris Broome left the rest standing and sealed his victory in Paris.

The area offers many sportive events for all to enter if you are fit enough,



Tour de France





We have easy walks with spectacular views and for the experts we have walks to excite and satisfy them, the French have provided many parking areas with signs showing the routes with all the details of ratings, distance and inclines plus many have picnic tables.

The gorges are just 20 minutes drive away, these are on the famous GR10, it is possible to do both gorges in a day but if you take the long way round you will need two days and it will be worth it.

Back at Lae de Haut we have guides and maps to show you where to park and walk


La Verna

It is one of the bigest cave systems in the world, 1965 it was declaired the deepest hole in the world (Not now) We have done the 1 hour tour which was easy, other tours up to 5 hours and we class this attraction as a must do.


Bikers Routes

We have many circular routes these take alone one valley up to the mountain pass into Spain and return via the next valley back to France and LDH also we have shorter routes.


Petit Train at Artouste

First you take the ski lift up to the restaurant then catch the small train around the mountain side up to the reservoir at the top and again we class this as a must.

We have done the train journey a number of times but now we just take the ski lift and have a meal at the restaurant on the balcony with views over the lake.

Also it is possible to take your mountain bike up on the Ski-lift and ride down or even walk down.


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La Verna


A simply amazing place!


It is the largest cave in the world open to the public. An unusual sight that I recommend without hesitation. 

To see more info, photos and videos

go to




Montee Impossible

   20 August 2017

Just 3 miles away in Arette, we take a picnic with us and find a scenic spot along side of the river, enjoy the day with the event.



          70% hill climb


There are food & drinks 

        stalls and others.





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Chemin de la Mature

Impressive 1200m long walk carved out of sheer rock 200m above the Aspe River.

Completed 1772 to transport giant trees from the Pacq Forest for masts for Napoleon's ships.

Now part of the GR10 connecting the Aspe to the Ossau valley

Tour de France


We have only missed out on the TDF twice since we have been here in 13 years.

Photo on the left is the TDF going through our village of Aramits Stage 10 2015 on the way to mountain top finish at La Pierre St Martin

Famous stage win for Chris Broome

Jurancon Wine tasting routes

There are many Wine produces you can visit and taste their own product.

You do need a non-drinking driver

I love the Jurancon sweet wine, expensive but a great treat also they do a sec which is prefered more by our friends and is much cheaper around about 5 Euros a bottle.






Aventure Parc

Just 5 minutes drive from Lae de Haut

Also they offer paint ball

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White water activities

 Rafting, Kayaking, riverboarding, canoeing or hot dogging you will be able to find a new centre for each day of your holidays







Go to Pyrenees Aventure Nouvelle Facebook Page and see their exciting videos

on Speleo, Canyon, Escalade and Rando.

Dare you to have a go.

Based in the next village in Lanne just 2 miles away.





Oloron Jazz Festival  Market and this Band appears, this was a added bonus to a beautiful day.

Two great weekends followed with group playing in the old town and other location, something to enjoy in the evening after a day walking/cycling.

Petit Train at Artouste

First stage of your journey starts at the lake via a ski lift to the restaurant with these views, here you catch the train which takes you round the mountain to the lake at the top.

We have done the Train ride a few times and now we just take the ski lift to the restaurant for a meal and enjoy these views,  many ride down the mountain on mountain bikes, 




Pau Pyrenees Stade D'eaux-vives

Pau white water sports centre

The beauty of this centre is that there is a conveyor belt to return you to the start without getting out of canoe





Famous Tour de France col in pedaling distance from LDH

Many cycle to the top and get a lift back, the few do the full circuit

We often have a picnic here also there are many walks at the top in all directions






Just below the

Col Somport


The Pilgrims route crosses the road at this point

Camino Santiago de Compostela




Another one of our suggested ride out


Can you see him?
Now you can.
Mountain biking Holidays

 Tourmalet is a must for cyclist and motorcyclist

Enjoy Quad adventures at  ESCARY, just 2 miles away

Ossau Valley offers one of the largest concentration of Vultures in Europe at Aste-Beon near Laruns

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