Mountain Holidays
Mountain Holidays       

   Bed & Breakfast rooms and their views

Views 20km plus

Overlooking the valley of Baretous

Facing East, superb sun rises 

New day


Just for the 2 of you or 3 or 4 of you 

3 Bedrooms, self-catering

More of the Top Barn

Mountain views

Just one house beyond so only two cars passing



Top Barn view

Ski Station

View of La Pierre St Martin seen from

Lae de Haut

13 miles 

Views from Dining room







Table & chairs under the gazebo for board games and drawing








Traverse climbing wall

2 table tennis, Babyfot and climbing wall







 Spring view of camping pitch 2 from the house



Pitches 1 & 2 you can back the car up to wall on the car park and just pass your belongings over the wall onto the pitch.

3 & 4 it is another 20m walk


You can locate the table and chairs to another position on the large lawn for a better view through the day and return them to your pitch at night

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